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UBU Senate of the Candidacy of Raúl del Barrio Tajadura

Raúl del Barrio

12 May 2021

Article - Burgos University

I would like to share with you 3 minutes of your time. Perhaps you do not know me and I would like you to know why I am running for the Senate of the University of Burgos, your University, the University of all. I have been a student at the Polytechnic School of the UBU and a professor for almost 14 years in our beloved University. On the other hand, I specialized professionally in the field of High Performance and High Abilities, STEM & STEAM and also as an expert in "Creativity and Innovation" working with more than 17 centers throughout Spain developing all kinds of Educational Projects in Humanities, Technology, Biomedicine, Engineering, Architecture, Robotics, Applied Mathematics and Philosophy. As well as linking many institutions at local, regional, national and international level.

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