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Revolutionizing BIM Collaboration with Revizto: A Global Perspective

Jesús Perucho

2 Nov 2023

Talk - Revizto

Greetings and welcome to our talk on Revizto, the cutting-edge application transforming the BIM landscape. With over 8 years of immersive experience, we are excited to share insights into our journey and the remarkable projects that have shaped the way we perceive BIM integrated to Revizto.

Our journey with Revizto has been nothing short of transformative. From local projects in Madrid to extensive collaborations on a global scale, we've witnessed firsthand how Revizto enhances BIM workflows, fosters collaboration, and ultimately elevates project outcomes.

Join us for an interactive session to delve into the world of Revizto, share experiences, and explore the possibilities it opens up for BIM users in Madrid and beyond.

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